lauantai 13. lokakuuta 2012

Voimaa Power

Sometimes i get so frustrated in all this incompleteness. And so many other things in my life that i cannot  make a difference my self. 
These things give me  strenght to keep going. 
And no i have not forget all my friends and family! But those three things above are something which i can effect by my self and the feeling after a sweaty jogging or biking ... oh it's so good. I have no more back ache and my neck is much much better because i remember to stretch everyday.
I can recommend  a sweaty sports it's a healthy way to cope with difficult times in life.

Have a good weekend for you all!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Dear Anu,
    that first picture with the lady is very elegant, I like those shoes and ties. You are so right to do some sports as our body and mind needs that a lot I think. It makes disappearing too much stress as well. I hope life is not too bad for you!! Keep your head high! :)
    Many warm greetings, Marjolijn

  2. HEI VAAN, kirjauduin juuri lukijaksesi ja jään seuraamaan...ihanan utuisia kuvia ja MUSIIKKI, wow!!! Tykkään.
    XX -myös viiden lapsen äiti (vaikkakin vanhempaa vuosimallia)